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Invisible wounds

When Nelson Mandela reflected on his Robben Island experiences on returning there in 1994 he said: "Wounds that can't be seen are more painful than those that can be seen and cured by a doctor".

vivo - victim's voice

"If I remain silent I poison my soul, silence never helps the victim."
Elie Wiesel

In recent years, the world has witnessed an escalation of violence and atrocities in an increasing number of armed conflicts. Modern warfare aims at threatening and fighting civilians rather than foreign armies. Mass expulsions, massacres, mutilations and even genocide have become commonplace. Over 100 states worldwide continue to utilize torture against political or cultural minorities in order to maintain power. These forms of severe human rights violations have devastating effects on individuals and communities alike. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), more than 30 million people are currently on flight. Most of the refugees are living in degrading conditions in refugee camps or provisional settlements in developing countries, some of them for an indefinite time.



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Dr. Michael Odenwald (president of the board)
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Dr. Claudia Catani
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Håkon Inge Stenmark
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+47 93 05 86 95 (Trondheim, Norway)
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USA: Kara Erolin

Kara Erolin
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Dr. Ruud Jongerdijk
Stichting Centrum '45
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Uganda: Anett Pfeiffer Tumusiime

Anett Pfeiffer Tumusiime
+256 773 00 62 81 (Gulu, Uganda)
Email: anett.pfeiffer@vivo.org

vivo Outpatient Clinic for Survivors of Trauma and Torture in Uganda
Gildo Irwa Rd., Plot 7
Pece Tegwana, Gulu
(next to PAG church)